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The Dashboard is a platform dedicated to transport operators, administrators and companies to make the data collected immediately understandable and usable. Maps and graphs make it easy and intuitive to analyse each performance indicator in real time.

Everything under control, in real time!

The dashboard allows you to monitor the flow of people and the performance of transport systems in order to better plan and programme services, ensuring that sector KPIs are achieved and user needs are met.

Transport operators

The dashboard makes it possible to monitor the performance of transport systems and, subsequently, to better plan and schedule services, meeting the needs of operators:

  • Determine and provide load data
Grants, awards, and evaluations must be made on the basis of empirical, concrete and proven data. For this, the use of reliable, high-precision monitoring systems in real-life contexts of use is essential.
  • Determine the number of users
Planning and scheduling of the service (routes, frequencies, adaptation of vehicle capacity) requires an understanding of the number of passengers and the location of the busiest points by time slot.
  • Providing an efficient service
The monitoring of the service allows to intervene in case of any issues in real-time while, later, to know and analyse the crowding and the performance of the service (e.g., pax*km calculation), maximising the efficacy and effectiveness of each line. Moreover, the collection of historical data allows both to make forecasts and define medium and long-term strategies, and to support the design of surveys, polls, discussion groups to know the needs of users and their perception of the service.
  • Reduce costs
Cost efficiency is essential for transport companies in the face of decreasing public subsidies and free-riding phenomena.


Companies and non-transport companies increasingly need to support their employees in organising their home-work journeys. Throughout Europe, mobility management policy is becoming a priority in all administrations to achieve more sustainable mobility. Several companies have an in-house mobility manager who collects employee mobility data through ad-hoc surveys to implement sustainable transport plans, allowing alternatives to car use to be identified. Mobyforall makes it possible to facilitate studies of real needs and to implement new mobility plans, also drawing on already existing funding. 


The dashboard allows administrations to visualise people's movements thanks to data collected with our IoT-based counting devices and to understand the mobility dynamics on the territory in order to define transport policies and prepare Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).
In addition, the dashboard makes it possible to monitor presences in open spaces (streets, squares, construction sites, etc.) and closed spaces (schools, hospitals, museums, shopping centres, leisure venues, etc.) and manage the different situations to avoid crowds or optimise security services.