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We work with many partners in the public transport sector, who have chosen us for our ability to offer a functional service that is adaptable to each of their needs.

One of Mobyforall objectives is to detect people presence in different contexts: open spaces, enclosed spaces, and vehicles, while respecting privacy regulations. Therefore, we have started experiments in different contexts, aimed at improving the accuracy, reliability and functionality of the devices designed by Mobyforall.

The first trial began in a busy shop in the centre of Turin; the subsequent trials were carried out in collaboration with local public transport companies in the Piedmont area. The devices installed at the various test sites are managed remotely, allowing real-time data acquisition and monitoring of their operation.

For more details on the experiments, click on the images of each experiment to reach the relevant page.

Lucco Turin

The first trial began in December 2020 at the Lucco ice-cream parlour, a popular place with high client volume.

ASP Asti

With the second project we turned to our target market, public transport, which allowed us to test our devices in a confined and moving environment, the buses of the local public transport company of the city of Asti, ASP.

Gruppo Torinese Trasporti

Developed parallelly to the Asti testing, a different project was developed in collaboration with GTT S.p.A.: installing our devices on a tram and, subsequently, on a bus.

BusCompany S.r.l.

Our first suburban experiment: BusCompany S.r.l.